Social Media without Socializing

by - 24.12.18

Yesterday, I made a second social media account as my previous account does not have a filter for close friend. My concern, regarding to privacy, is growing. Before this, I have locked my account  and thought that might be want to change this blog also to be more private. In other words, suddenly I do not want to socialize. I only want to share my thought, that hopefully could loose my anxiety.

Firstly, the standard of privacy is differ for every person. What I want to be kept for myself might be something that others want to publish, and vice versa. Thus, we could not judge that people are becoming too open in sharing activities. In this matter, is a standard of privacy becoming a personal choice?

After several years living the life in the social media realms, I realized that I was, in fact, posting nothing but good and positive vibes which generates the pride of myself. As I am keeping my self on doing that, I love my friend who also has positive vibes in their streams. However, people are different. I had experienced when posting a marvelous event in my life, then one of my old friend gave me offensive comment that what I did was a bad example of wife life because my life is like a tv series. Then, in this matter, offensive comment that could affect our life sometimes. The statement about privacy as personal choice must be added by as long as people do not directly give us offensive comment. Ha?

Another concern about privacy in social media is about many kinds of people who would be interest about our personal views and life. Spam account and criminals are example for this, of course out of my circle of relatives and close friends. Many social media have their own privacy concern which most people avoid to read and just tick a yes box. I have started to look at it more detail. I changed several agreement on my facebook account. I transformed my album to be "only me". 

Finally, In fact, social media is generated for making people connect with others without any limitation such as living areas and backgrounds. People share their live with others and communicate.  I agree that maintaining personal privacy in social media is a difficult task. So Just keep your privacy in appropriate level.

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